“The Montgomery County Foundation, Inc. had the pleasure of hosting a workshop entitled “Perfect Your Pitch” created by Debbie Goetz and Brad Segall which drew a wide range of enthusiastic participants from the region’s nonprofit sector. Attendees shared that the presentation content was well-prepared, thought-provoking, relevant, refreshing, extremely helpful and entertaining – and that Brad and Debbie were knowledgeable, very professional and used “real-world” examples in an engaging manner. They were both excellent to work with from start to finish and their contributions to the capacity-building of the organizations who attended were much appreciated.”

Jodi Button McHale, Vice President of Community Impact and Development

“I am always looking to learn the ins and outs of promoting the not for profit club that I am a member of, Central Montgomery County Business and Professional Women.  Brad Segall and Debbie Goetz provided expertise that was invaluable. I needed to expand our use of media outlets and tap into resources not yet explored. Thank you also to Montgomery County Foundation for providing another fantastic session as a follow up to the Women in Leadership conference.”

Becky Shoulberg, President, Central Montgomery County Business and Professional Women’s Club

“Perfect Your Pitch,” presented by Debbie Goetz and Brad Segall, provided practical information about cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with the media. Timing, tone and tenacity are necessary elements as an organization strives to garner public awareness and support of its work through the appropriate medium. Preparing a solid ‘pitch’ is vitally important. Brad and Debbie offered a wealth of tips and resources. I left the workshop armed with an internal to-do list and strategies for enticing the media to want to showcase my nonprofit. This workshop is a must.”

Tracy E. Mellor, Executive Director, Bucks County Housing Group

“Brad provided me with great direction as I prepared for the first interview I’ve ever done with the media. He helped guide me through the process of developing the talking points for telling the story of how the Philadelphia beverage tax has had a negative impact on our family-run business. He also taught me how to talk in sound bites which has led to several interview requests in the last several months.”

Andrew Pincus, President, Carbonator Rental Service