Media Training

So you’ve perfected the pitch and now it’s time to peddle that story idea to the media. The Segall Media Group will work for you to find the proper media outlet. When the news comes that you’ve been booked for an interview, that’s when the fun begins, but you can also feel the knots forming in your stomach. For many people, they’ve never been interviewed before, so they’re not aware of the ins and outs of the process.

The Segall Media Group will work with you to prepare you for the interview. That includes everything from where to go and what time to be there to how to dress. But more importantly, that preparation involves “the message.” This is your opportunity to shine and get your message in front of the people. Our media training will include a mock interview session, one-on-one, anticipating the questions that a reporter might ask. Preparation is the key to success! This may be your one and only time to get before the camera and microphone. Make the most of it!