Carbonator’s Andy Pincus talks beverage tax with NBC 10

Thank you to Rosemary Connors of NBC 10 for including my client Andy Pincus of Carbonator Rental Service in yet another story about the beverage tax in Philadelphia and how it’s negatively impacting his small beverage distribution business in southwest Philadelphia.

Andy Pincus WURD pic

Carbonator WURD Interview

The beverage tax in Philadelphia continues to be hot button and controversial issue. My client, Andy Pincus of Carbonator Rental Service in Philadelphia, was recently interviewed by Vincent Thompson on WURD 900AM about the negative impact this tax is already having on his business. The interview was done prior to a City Council session where members of the beverage industry lobbied Council at City Hall in an attempt to have the beverage tax repealed.

(Andy’s segment begins at 3:55)